Lacking on the blogging

June 17, 2009

I feel like I haven’t blogged in a while. Of course the last time I did was like last week. I’m just going to take this time to summarize some personal stuff. NOT basie related, so if you’re not interested you can stop there. šŸ™‚

Let’s see. Last Friday I had tons of fun bar-hopping with friends. It was a kind of final good-bye party, only not really because I’m seeing most of those people again before I leave. But I set that date before I knew my flight date (June 27). It was really nice to see friends again in a less stressful environment (i.e. not during school). It was also nice seeing friends I haven’t seen since high school graduation. Saturday was a quiet night. Sunday was good family time. Good food, good company. I’m definitely going to miss those gatherings with all the yelling and teasing and the laughing at all the stupid things we do together. Good times.

I have 2 days left on Basie. Kind of sad, but I want to pop in on IRC from time to time while I’m away. Maybe I’ll even be on the RB. I don’t know. I could be crazy. Greg says I’ll be too busy.

This friday is the retirement party for my elementary school principal. She was like a mother to me and a great influence on my life. She taught me all my manners and how to be incredibly punctual out of fear. I can still hear her voice when I’m doing something I shouldn’t be. It’s scary. It’s going to be sad that she’s retiring, but I’m also excited to see my friends from elementary school. I’ve heard lots of good things that people have been doing. I’m also secretly excited to tell them what I’ve been up to. Not bragging of course. Hehehehe.

Saturday is for Jenny and other high school friends. Dinner is going to be good. It’s supposed to be a celebration for 3 of our birthdays. It’s also a last big gathering for me. It’s going to be sad.

Sunday is fathers day, but I don’t know what I’m doing. I think that we’re just doing cake at the restaurant.

Monday is my birthday. I’m turning 21! Eeek! Not sure when I’m going to get to celebrate that with my family. Probably going to the Keg. I want steak before I leave. Hopefully we can go on monday.

Other than those things, next week is a week off for me to finish my shopping and final gatherings with certain people. As well as preparing documents and travelly things.

*sigh* only 10 days left. I’m SUPER excited now! EEE!


It’s been so long

April 30, 2009

Hello world!

Everyday I learn that there are more and more people reading my blog. Thanks to everyone who does! I’ve been off the map for a couple of weeks now. I blame exams and nice weather mostly. There are lots of other things that need to get done before leaving for Japan, but everything has to happen one step at a time.

First things first, finishing up my time at the Princess Margaret Hospital. I’ve been cleaning up my files and organizing them so that my successor will be able to comprehend my cryptic labels and filenames. Looking back at my time here, I’ve definitely learned a lot about medical imaging, and working closely with my boss with him being the ‘client’. It’s interesting to see all the features of the applicationĀ  that are no longer needed, but kept around because we might need it later. I do feel like I learned a lot more about code style, development, and mathematical theories during third year that would have been useful to have prior to beginning this job.

Second, working for Greg and Karen for the next month. Doing UX design is always fun. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be working on, but I’m sure it will be interesting. They’ve promised to work me hard, so let’s hope I survive.

Third, preparing and going to Japan. I’ve been waiting for my certificate of eligibiliy from Japan, and I can’t really do much until I get that. So I feel like I’m in limbo. I’d like to get all my preparations done and a flight booked, but I can’t and it’s driving me nuts.

Things to do along the way:

  • Extend driver’s liscence (it’s supposed to expire in August, but I’m not going to be in the country. I hate driving)
  • Get VISA from Japanese consulate
  • Book flight to Japan
  • Seeing all my friends before I leave for the other side of the world
  • Go to farewell party for Mrs. Xuereb (I really want to attend this event, but it’s on June 19th and I’m afraid I might not be here for that šŸ˜„ )