About Me

Phyliss Lee:

I am a Software Engineering student at the University of Toronto. I’m *almost* done my undergrad. I have a strong interest in User Experience Designing and like working with people.

My interest in User Experience was sparked when I finally came to the conclusion that I’m not what’s wrong with my computer, my computer just isn’t easy enough to use. As a developer you would think that I would know the ins and outs of the software that I use. Nope! Sure I could learn everything there is to know about everything, but what about the poor soul out there who isn’t a developer and wants to use the same software? What about the older generations of people who still don’t know how to effectively use a mouse?

Multitouch technology is also a big interest of mine. If you would like to learn more about it go to NUI Group.

I will put more information here as I think of it.


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