Holy cow it’s been a while!

Hello all in the blogosphere. It’s been a long time since I posted anything.

Just a heads up to anyone who cares, I’m still working on my Google Chrome extension. As soon as I get any significant progress done on it, I’ll post my results up here.

University life is soon coming to an end. 2 more months, 1 more class and it’s all over! So what am I supposed to do from here? Well fortunately enough, I’m already employed full time so that’s not an issue. But what else? With work, there is less time for travel (though I long to go back and visit all my friends in Japan!) We’ll just have to wait and see.

I can already envision myself becoming restless. No more assignment deadlines. No more tests lurking around the corner. No more overnighters in BA. I admit, I’m going to miss all of that. I took a vacation just after my last exam in April to relax on a beach in Mexico. It was phenomenal! I did nothing and thoroughly enjoyed myself. But even as I lay there soaking in the sun, I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling of an assignment I forgot to do or a test I forgot to study for. I just hope that feeling doesn’t last too long once I’m officially done.

I think this means I’ll have *MUCH* more time to work on my pet projects…in theory. Life commitments seem to appear out of nowhere. For now, the end is near….I can taste it!


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