A Whole New Christmas

December is upon us and so comes Christmas. I’m not a religious person, but I always enjoyed the holiday season. Sure it’s incredibly over commercialized but I still think that people are put in a more giving mood than usual. At any rate, I decided to start the Christmas music in my apartment. Grooveshark is awesome for putting on random music at the drop of a hat. So I was listening to music and doing some laundry. While hanging up my clothes I felt like I should be putting up Christmas decorations. The thought was mostly just to make my apartment more homely (though we don’t decorate much back at home). I probably won’t though.

For my entire life I’ve always been with family for Christmas. My parents may not have been there every year, but with the large family that I had, it was always lots of fun with lots of noise. My aunt and uncle would graciously host Christmas dinner for upwards of 40 people (at least 15 being kiddies) in their modest home. Recently the number grows since we’re all growing up and bringing home our girlfriends and boyfriends. In the end, it’s just always a good company, good food, and good conversation. When I started working, I got to buy presents! I loved that! Trying to find a reasonably priced gift that was useful. That can’t be stressed enough. My family is all about getting useful things. When my parents finally moved home. I got to buy them presents. This was always hard. What do you buy the two people who have everything they ever wanted? They didn’t like knowing that my siblings and I spent money on them. They would rather us save it. I don’t think they realize that we know we don’t have to, but we want to. Well I do anyways.

Last year I had 2 families for Christmas. This year I’m halfway around the earth. Number of families: 0. This won’t stop me from buying gifts for my family back home though. (Going shopping on Sunday after my test.) They probably won’t be very extravagant, but something small for everyone. In all honesty though, I’m not sure how this Christmas is going to be. I’ll probably stay in Matsumoto and work that day. I’m going to find people to spend Christmas dinner with though. There is NO way I’m spending it alone in my apartment. I probably be busy with work and whatnot.

For now I’ll just worry about what I need to send home. Just made my list. 33 gifts to send home. Now that that’s done, I’m excited to go shopping. I wonder what I’m going to get them. ; )


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