Drug of Choice

So I feel like almost everyone I know has a drug of choice. You know, something that just takes you away and lets you forget your problems. For some people it’s music, others actual drugs. Mine: Hugs. Not the kind you get when you’re saying goodbye to an acquaintance. You know, those kinds that are like hugging someone who smells really bad. You usually get those out of formality and it’s become part of modern culture to hug as you say hello or goodbye. I’m not interested in those. I want a good solid hug. The kind that makes you feel safe, as if nothing in the world could harm you because you are wrapped around this other person.

Anyways, I bring this up because I realized that I could *really* use a good hug. The lack of human contact is troubling to me. I would go out with a sign for free hugs only I’m sure everyone would stare at me funny or not get their hug because I might have Swine Flu.

The last person I hugged was a friend. She was cold.

I need to get my hug fix.


3 Responses to Drug of Choice

  1. Veronica says:

    *virtual hug*
    I hope everything is okay. It seems like you’re having a bit more of a social life so I take it that it has improved since we last talked? Homesick yet?

    Stay safe and try not to get the swine flu!

  2. Misa says:

    Are you going back to Toronto for Christmas/New Year’s? If not, come to Tokyo and I can give you a *real* hug 🙂 My mom’s an awesome cook, too, plus you’ll get smothered by my 3 dogs!!

  3. phyllers says:

    Thanks you guys! I’m not homesick or anything. This was just something I realized recently and didn’t know it was such a big deal to me.

    @Misa No I’m not coming home for the holidays. I’m planning on going to korea.

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