Matsumoto Bon Bon!

No it is not a candy festival.

Last Saturday was the Matsumoto Bon Bon festival. People gather in the streets and dance! It actually all very organized. First all the companies and other groups gather in their respective places in line and get ready to dance and walk for 3 hours. Music plays on a city wide sound system and everyone dances a special coordinated dance. I wish I had learned it too. I should have joined in with the Epson group! We finally found them at the end of the festival. The song was pretty catchy.

Groups of dancers

This is sort of a blurry picture, but it’s hard to capture  people when they’re moving. Anyways another part of the festival is that all the ladies and girls dress up in summer kimonos called ‘yukatas’. Some girls really went all out with hair and make-up and they looked really cute and pretty.

I also managed to get myself a yukata. It was a decent price (Found it at UNIQLO). The ones they had at the other stores had what they call ‘simple’ obi yukatas. Mine happened to be a ‘difficult’ obi yukata. Apparently many women in Japan don’t actually know how to tie an obi themselves. They often get elder women to help them and tie it for them. Me and my friend (who also didn’t know how to tie an obi) went to the internets for help and were successful! Yay! Many thanks to YouTube! This was the result:
All by myself

I think this is going to be probably one of the few Japanese ‘souvenirs’ I’ll acquire. Still it’s fun to dress up!

At the festival there were tons of small stands selling different kinds of food, toys, masks, and even some stalls with carnival-like games. We grabbed some Takoyaki and found an Okanomiyaki stand right next to it.

Takoyaki Okanomiyaki
All in all it was a fun night and the food was delicious! Asian street food is great!


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