Summer Festival

The company had their annual summer festival tonight! It was fun. The evening started off with gathering in the gymnasium where it was being held. Each department was in charge of pre-ordering food from a preset menu. We got sushi, salad, sandwiches, and a platter of other foods (fried chicken, i think there was soemthing either squid or sea urchin which wasn’t bad, some salad, and wieners). We didn’t get any tables or anything, so we sat on tarps on the floor. It was still surprisingly comfortable.

While we ate they had a competition on the stage. First they had a little skit to introduce it. There were maybe 20 men dressed up in uniforms. Apparently they are the company emergency personnel. They marched on stage, did some acrobatics and then demonstrated what the contestants were supposed to do. Of course, no Japanese party would be complete without some comedy. So one of the men were dressed up as…the RED RANGER! I couldn’t stop laughing because 1. I actually knew what was going on 2. he kept doing the ‘classic’ power ranger poses and 3. the guy dressed up as the red ranger turned out to have a big asian afro underneath the mask. The story behind the competition is basically disgruntled workers who’ve had it with their job so they get so angry, they flip over their table. I think it’s a cute idea. Anyways they measured the winning toss by the distance an item on the table lands. The contestants from our department came in last and second last. First place got 20,000 yen, which is roughly $250 and had the emergency guys and Red Ranger lift them up for hoorays!

After that there were lottery draws. There were lots of prizes. The lower end prizes included cases of cup noodles and dinner gift certificates. Among mid range prizes were rice cookers, air purifiers, digital cameras, more gift certificates. Grand prizes were laptops, blue ray player, 32″ tv. Apparently there was over 1M yen in prizes…I got nothing. BUT! Afterwards I did recieve a free bag of chips and a cup noodle from a coworker’s husband which was nice. He gave oneo f the other ladies a full tray of sushi. I’m still happy I got chips and Left over green tea bottles. Yay!

After the festival I went to eat cake and have coffee with some of the ladies in the office. That was fun and delicious. They’re fun to talk to. There was a pianist playing for some of the evening. She played a few songs that I knew and like. She also played some I didn’t know and still liked as well as Happy Birthday. I don’t know if it was actually anyone’s birthday or not.

All in all a fun and memorable night. My one regret – not getting a picture with the Red Ranger.


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