New Cell Phone

So I got a new cell phone yesterday. It was cheap because it’s a prepaid compared to contract phones which were a minimum of $250. Craziness! Anyways my phone has the following capabilities: video call, 2 cameras, media player, games, internet, chat. Of course me being on a prepaid plan, I don’t get tv, or internet. I DO, however, get e-maiL! which was amazing. I don’t know any prepaid plans that offer email in toronto….*hint hint to rogers* Anyways I pay an extra $3 amonth to be able to send and receive e-mails and SMS. This is just one of those things that makes me want to move to asian permanently. Phone rates in Canada are absolutely ridiculous! If I decided to get a contract, i could get a phone for free and my plan would have been $15 a month plus small charges per minute of talk and per packet received. The rates per packet are pretty reasonable. It often works out such that it’s cheaper to email than to talk, so that’s what most people do and it’s only $3 extra to go online! Anyways I showed my phone to my supervisor, and his reaction was ‘Ohh I see, just a basic phone.’ I was outraged because this is better than the ‘basic’ phones we have in toronto that you can get for $70 or less.

*sigh*…sometimes North America can be somewhat infuriating.


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