Interesting Shopping

I go to the store everyday. Mostly because I’m bored with not much else to do. I’ve realized that the 100 Yen store is the best. Even more convenient than the dollar stores in Canada. I’ve bought almost everything I need from there. I also go to the Max Value store everyday looking for food. I must say, it’s hard to buy ingredients if you can’t read labels. I tried to buy soya sauce. It was even harder than buying sugar! Not only are there different kinds of soya sauce. but there are other sauces that *look* like it but aren’t.

Went to the city last weekend. It was fun. There were tons of sales going on everywhere. This also meant that sales people were standing outside the stores yelling trying to draw people in. It got very loud very quickly with lots of girls yelling into your ear as you walk by. I’m not one to buy lots of clothes though, so I just bought some very needed plain black socks. Yippee!

Also walked to the mall that’s the next train station south called Gaza. When I tell co-workers that I walked there, they give me this look as if it was such a feat. It’s approximately the distance from bloor to queen so it’s really not that bad. Anyways, it was the closest mall to home, so I went. It was quite small, but I did manage to buy myself a purse that I needed since I didn’t bring one from Canada. There is also a grocery store in there, but I heard that it’s even more expensive than Max Value, so I’m likely not going to go there for groceries. Buying clothes is hard. I’m very picky which is why I don’t buy many clothes. But clothing here is even more disagreeable than in Toronto, so it’s double-y hard.

This has been a rather boring post. Not much happening anymore. I am supposed to get my cell phone next week. That will be exciting. Only I can’t get a pay-as-you-go plan because I need a monthly bill to get my international bank account, so I have to get ‘Contract’ type. I hope they have one year contracts..otherwise I’m going to be very upset.


One Response to Interesting Shopping

  1. Greg Wilson says:

    You’re *bored*???

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