First Days in Japan

This is going to be a long post. Just warning you now.

Saturday morning and I’m all packed and ready to go. I have to say I did not cry as much as I thought I would. I think that’s a good thing for now. I can see myself getting very homesick soon. At the airport I checked in, which only took like 5 minutes then my parents and I went to find a Tim Hortons. The last time I’d have Timmies for a whole year! Crazy! Sat there for an hour just talking about travelling all these different places. They reassured me that they also went on these crazy adventures. Seriously, how do you decide to leave home at 17 and move to Denmark from India!? That’s an even stranger adventure than my own. After some heartfelt goodbyes I was on my own from then on in.

The place ride was ok. Can’t complain really. I had a good seat, lots of tv readily available. the first meal was ok. I had the Yakitori. The gentlemen beside me ordered the chicken. Man, was I glad I didn’t get that! After that was a cold lunch. They first brought around little green boxes that had apple slices, a cookie, and some sandwiches in them. The sandwiches were bread with either 1 slice of ham or 1 slice of cheese. not even buttered. So what did I do? I took out the contents of the sandwiches and just assembled them into one more interesting sandwich. I thought I was pretty smart. But then I had all this leftover bread, so i ate that first. Curiously enough the box also contained a pair of chopsticks. That definitely confused me for at least a few minutes. I then saw a flight attendent walk by holding a tray of cup noodles. Ahh! It all makes sense now! I didn’t even want to eat the last hot meal. Neither choices sounded appealing and the smell made me sick.

Arriving at Narita, I focused on getting to customs and baggage. No time to think about other things. While at the customs officer though, things were going smoothly then he started stamping  things. I thought “ok, pretty procedure.” And then he had a “D’oh” moment and called over his supervisor who then proceeded to take me into ‘The Room’. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long before the supervisor returned with my documents all corrected. I just hope it won’t cause me and difficulties in the future. That would suck. I got my luggage, and went through the rest just fine.

Hopped on the bus to Shinjuku and fell asleep on the way there. Woke up somewhere along the way, but it felt like a long nap and I thought that perhaps I forgot to get off. That wasn’t the case luckily, we  were just stuck in traffic. Awesome. After 2 and a half hours on that bus I finally arrive to my hotel, check in, and drop all my stuff in the room. The first thing I did was try to hook up my computer to the LAN network they had in the room. After I got that all set up, I gave Isaac a call and arranged to meet for dinner. We went to wait for some of his friends at Shinjuku Station. After 30min and deciding that we were both starving, we decided to go on ahead without them. Came to a little ramen shop down the street, sat down, and ordered. Just as our order arrived, he got a call from his friends and we left to pick them up from the station. Poor waitress! After getting them we then went *back* to that restaurant. The waitress didn’t like Isaac too much. Hehehehe. That was an interesting dinner and I really enjoyed the ramen noodles. I love ramen.

Morning after got up early (5:30am!), chatted with family and friens online, then went to check out and meet Ian. Met him as I got off the elevator and we went to catch our train at Shinjuku station to Matsumoto. The ride was 2 and a half hours, but very scenic. I love the look of rice paddies. I think they’re so interesting. (Maybe I should go into farming) Upon arrival at our stop, we had to haul ass to catch the local train. That was the most intense workout I had in months! We had to carry my luggage up one flight of stairs and down another in 3 minutes. I feel bad for Ian cuz he had to carry my larger one which is 45lbs! It was a pretty impressive sprint though. We took the local train to Murai where the office is. I met Matsushita-san and Miyasaka-san. I also met the the head honcho, Ino-san (I think).

There were forms to be signed, forms to have my seal put on it. I thought that was neat cuz apparently everyone has their own and its essentially just a stamp of their name, but you use it for all kinds of legal documents and contracts. Cool stuff. I ate lunch in the cafeteria with Miyasaka-san and the other ladies in the office. I thought that was kind of interesting because all the women sit together and all the men sit together. Everything is very clique-y where you just sit with the people you work with directly. I do like their cafeteria system though. I can’t wait to get my own ID card to bye food and items at the store next to the cafeteria. I love the convenience of everything.

After lunch I introduced myself to the company. That was a little scary. After that Matsushita-san took me to my apartment. I must say I’m pretty happy with it. He showed me how to use everything (it’s hard to learn when all the buttons are in japanese) and helped me get set up with internets (*essential*). It’s large enough for one person, but I have to say I think 2 visitors at a time is definitely the max and very cozy. They would need to bring sleeping bags though. I spent the rest of the day taking a nap and going to the store. I unpacked some things and I’m kind of settled for now. I have to live through my luggage until I can get hangers for my closet. No Biggie.

This has been a *brief* overview of what’s happened so far. Little details and things I’ve notices, I’ll put into my next post to keep from boring you, who read this blog.


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