So I’ve spent the past week fiddling with the dashboard and I think it looks pretty snazzy now.


The first image is the dashboard upon entering a project. The second image shows what happens when users click on ‘details’ for each graph. Things to note:

  • Navigational bar above the main content area. There is still some debate about what ‘Home’ should be. I think that it should be the project home, Florian said it should be the project list. Any input on the matter will be helpful.
  • Only the 10 most recent events get displayed and there is a link to see all the events in the events page. The events page has not been modified as of yet, but I am in the process of redesigning it.
  • When the user clicks on’details’ it opens up the detailed graph with dates just as it used to be and pushes the events down.
  • This is the screen that users will see if they are logged in. However, what should the user see if they are NOT logged in (i.e. an unknown user)? Should this information still be available if the project is public? I’m going to assume that there will be public projects that anyone can see as well as private projects that only registered members can see. SO, in the case of private projects, users not registered to that project shouldn’t even see the project in the ‘Home’ project list. For public projects, non-registered users should still see activity and the dashboard.
  • Another questions is whether the login and user preferences are now in the right place. Personally I think that they’re fine where they are on top of the search bar. However, that can be debated.

There are some other areas of concern now though. The following is what the ‘Home’ page looks like.


Because the navigation and search bar is project specific, the ‘Home’ page now looks very bare and lonely. Now imagine that nobody is logged in, that’s another thing that is taken out from the home page.

Clearly, there are several new issues that have surfaced. Any and all input is welcome. Thanks!


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