2 Quick Little Thoughts

1. How does SVN handle renaming/moving of files? For instance, if I have files a.txt, b.txt in one revision and then rename both to c.txt and d.txt respectively. What happens if I want to look at a previous revision of c.txt? Does SVN know to get a.txt or does it just think there was no previous revision?

2. Ticketing in Basie: I remember Greg saying something about how each ticket should have a wiki page attached to it for finer details and to allow users to edit the tickets. However, should each ticket have a wiki page that will also show up in the wiki list? or should they only be accessible from the ticket list? I think it makes more sense to only access ticket-wikis from the ticket list.


3 Responses to 2 Quick Little Thoughts

  1. 1. The previous version of c.txt wouldn’t exist, but the previous version of a.txt would. If you ever resurrected a.txt in the future (even with something completely different), it would still have the same history with a big hole in the middle where it didn’t exist (I think it shows up as an empty file or something).

    2. I agree that the ticket wiki’s shouldn’t show up in the wiki list. I feel that tags should/could solve a lot of problems, but I’m not sure if Greg + others have the same thought. If the wiki page has a tag ‘ticket’, then it would be pruned from the results of listing wiki pages (other tags could be used for the same sort of thing and toggled at will).

  2. phyllers says:

    1. I think that it makes sense to have c.txt’s previous version be a.txt. it doesn’t seem that hard to just point to that previous file in a previous revision. (I’m thinking of the API structure we’re working on with the OLM group). Also if a.txt was resurrected, then shouldnt the previous revision of that then be c.txt?

    2. I don’t think tags are sufficient to prune wiki pages. What if someone wants to write a wiki page about tickets but not actually be a ticket? then it would be tagged with ‘ticket’ and never appear in the wiki list.

    This does remind me: we need tags and a tag cloud. I’m finding them more and more useful everyday. I’m thinking version 3.0 😉

  3. haz says:

    1. Things get complicated if you start thinking that way. What happens when you rename a.txt to c.txt, and b.txt to d.txt….and then 3 revisions down the road you rename c.txt to b.txt and d.txt to a.txt? Things just get ugly when you start trying to trace a single file through different namings.

    2. Then create hidden system tags :p. There’s always corner cases where some user, at some point, may want to have SYSTEM_TAG_TICKET as a tag for something, but we just ignore those people.

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