First Week on Basie Code

Week 1:

So code learning was not so bad with Eran and Bill’s help. I’ve learned my way around the directories and am proud to say that I know something! Yay!

  • I worked mostly with Eran on the Mail browsing application and fixed a few things that really needed to be fixed
  • Learned a lot more about CSS and web frameworks
  • I still don’t know the little nitty-gritty details of django, but I’m not too sure if anyone does really
  • Lots of pair programming which is really nice. I think it’s the best thing ever especially for learning new code. It really gives you the chance to ask lots of questions about the code. I also thought it was nice how I could help think through problems even without knowing the exact code that was needed to implement the solution because Eran knew it well enough

Here are some things that I realized I *should* have learned in 309, but did not.

  • What a web framework is: This seems like something that is very important to web programming and yet I walked away from the course not away of its existence.
  • GET/POST requests: I knew they existed, I didn’t know the differences nor how to use them to their full extent with properties.
  • Good web programming techniques, utilities, structure: Did not seem to exist in 309.

Happy to be a part of this team. Learning *so* much as I go.


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