After looking at the calendar at , this is what Basie 0.3 needs. Well something similar. The main features that we would like is the ease of just clicking times that you’re available and sending it out to other people to get a concensus on when would be most convenient to have a meeting or other group gatherings. If Basie were to pick this up, we would have to determine how the average user would like to use it or design it in such a way that they could use it however they like. The second option would seem more difficult and likely less design and user friendly.

Currently, that calendar gives user the option to select available meeting times and the time chunks can be specified by the user with the 15/30/60/day buttons on the top left. (That actually really confused me for a while and did not catch on that that was what those buttons did)
I like the simplicity of being able to just click on/off a time. I would like a click and drag kind of rectangle to select multiple squares at one time. This way if I have large chunks of time where I’m available, then I don’t have to select each square individually.
In the options menu, I like being able to select dates to show. However, I do feel that option should be visible at all times and not hidden away. I also like being able to adjust the time range display during the day with a separate option to highlist a certain time range.
After at least two users have inputted their availability time, the calendar has green squares and grey square with red dots in them. I think that’s a neat idea because the green squares indicate times when everyone can make it and if you click on a square with a red dot, it shows which users cannot make it at that time. (Thinking back now, this would have made deciding when to have basie IRC meetings much easier).

I just took a look at In my opinion, it was OK. nothing really blew me away and although the process was pretty streamlined, it took way too many steps to complete the creation of an even and too many pages to load as well.

For Basie, I think it’s most important to find out what users will actually be using this for. Would they use it primarily for scheduling a weekly meeting? or will their meetings be determined on a week to week basis? I like the Blackberry calendar application because it allows for re-occurrence of an event. So I can input something like a weekly class and have it re-occur every Monday and Wednesday until a specified end date. This is definitely a useful option when setting schedules. This will also help users plan meetings over the course of the term if the regularly scheduled meeting time is problematic for one or two weeks only. However, if Basie users are only going to use this tool once in the beginning of the term and then never need it again, something more like might be sufficient. Just set up the ‘event’ once and everyone remember it. Personally, I’d prefer to have something more like a calendar over a single event organizer.

Suppose we go for a calendar application. Here are some features that I think would be nice/necessary:

– Display on a week to week basis with “->”,”<-” arrows to go from previous or next week respectively.
– Month view should highlight, when the user has an event to attend or assignment due. Should look like a calendar month (no hour scheduling display)
– When viewing days or week, option to chunk time into hour or half hour intervals only.
– re-occurance of events (i e repeat every monday and wednesday until *some day*)
– notification of who has not responded or inputted their availability
– indicator to see which times/dates EVERYONE can attend and indicator to see which times/dates some people cannot (with list showing who is in either category)
Any other thoughts? I’m going to try and have something sketched for this, but want some input first.

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  1. Liz says:

    One quick complaint about When Is Good: it’s actually quite awful to determine the best time to meet if there are enough people involved with busy schedules. While it lets you exclude people who are least flexible, I don’t want to have to fiddle to determine the best meeting time. Color shading from green to red based on the number of people free would help me (but not the colorblind, so the shading would have to be redundant by displaying the numbers).

    So, if you decide to have Basie implement something similar, please make it better. I’m sure you would. 🙂

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