Search updated…Finally!

Okay so I’ve been saying that I would have this up “soon”. well “soon” has FINALLY come! Some changes to note:

– Calendar buttons in the Last Updated section. I left it as 2 fields because users may not want to specify both and by making it one line, I think they would feel compelled to fill in both to get the best results, which may not be what they want. So when they select a date from the calendar, it will appear in the text box next to it.

– Languages. I changed it to a drop down where the default will be “Any Language”, but if the user selects “Select Languages from List”, then a scrollable text box will appear and they can select 1+ languages.

This took a surprising amount of time to get done. Not quite sure why. But that means that I won’t have the VCS UI done for tomorrow. I should have it done by Monday (Family Day). There are still a few things that I want to work out.


One Response to Search updated…Finally!

  1. Liz says:

    Searching by projects will be part of the final implementation, I hope? And by content type – although I seem to be the only one going on about that, I do think it’s important.

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