Ideas Follow-up

I was looking for different search methods and was on the Dr. Project site. Their ticketing system doesn’t need a search ability. Now that I think of it, unless the project has thousands of tickets, a search is not necessary. Then again, for a large project that might have many archived tickets, it might be convenient to go back and look through them if it’s necessary. This would also help searching through all the wiki pages as well. Perhaps we don’t need Search to be exclusively for the ticketing system.

I was also looking at what YouTube has in terms of a search. I like the auto completing (this may be a browser feature. I’m not sure). So if we do implement a Search for tickets, it might be useful to allow the user to start inputting a ticket topic and auto-complete it for them. That would be nifty. I was also looking at the tagging system. After talking to some users, they say that they don’t use them that often. I think that the search-bar with auto-complete is sufficient for our purposes.

I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to either Jason or Liz about the setting the number of tickets per page options yet. I’d like to discuss other options for that feature with them before I ask users to test it. Alone, I wasn’t able to come up with a better idea. So, hopefully, together we could come up with some.

There are several ways to display updates to users. It is still unclear which would be best. Again, waiting to talk to Jason and Liz this weekend.


2 Responses to Ideas Follow-up

  1. gvwilson says:

    I’m not clear what you mean by “search” — Kosta’s generic search app will find items that contain particular words, whether they’re tickets, wiki pages, checkins, or whatever. (Its interface needs to be designed — he said he was going to mock something up, but I’m betting it will be the usual engineer’s plumbing dump 🙂 Or do you mean “reorganizing and filtering”, which is a very different problem?

  2. pongers says:

    It totally slipped my mind that Kosta was doing the search app. I will do a mock-up as well for it and send him an e-mail to discuss it.

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